Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s update from 2811. Ordinarily we’d just be coming to the close of our busiest period of the year, however this is not a normal year and we are having to adapt to the current landscape. We are happy to report that things are getting busier as the Country starts to come out of lockdown and the economy begins to rebuild.
One of the ways that we have adapted is by signing partnerships with two businesses who bring two very different opportunities to Clubs.
Firstly we have signed an ambassador contract with Bundeling. Bundling is essentially an app that works for the commercial operations of a club. It is already a massive success in Germany, Holland and Belgium and is now coming to the UK. There are a number of reasons why we believe this will be of use for any professional sports organisation – these reasons include;
* It can act as a CRM for all club sponsors
* You can store all contracts and agreements on there
* You can communicate with all partners as a group – or by sector (eg, Box Holders only)
* You can sell events through it
* You can sell advertising space on the app to cover the costs
* It gives you records of hospitality guests at all games – conforms to track and trace
* A club sponsor will cover the costs by building it into the partnership with them
* You can do things exclusively for partners, before other people – so a kit launch, tickets for away games or Cup games.
 * Partners can use it to do business with each other
We are also working with major UK brand Music Magpie on an affiliate marketing scheme. This is at zero cost to the club and in effect you get back what you put in. The scheme will give clubs a new revenue stream at a great rate of commission everytime one of your supporters makes any sort of transaction on their website. With effective promotion this could earn your club a decent level of revenue at a difficult time, on a service that supporters would use anyway.
To find out more about either of these opportunities then please do get in touch – or call 07837 274 269. We fully believe that both these options are great for Clubs and are looking forward to working with Clubs of all sizes to help. We do have other affiliate partnerships where we can help you to either save money, or generate revenue and we’re always happy to help clubs from Premier League to Sunday League!
We are also working with the fantastic Hope and Glory sportswear ahead of the 2021/22 season and should any clubs be interested in discussing bespoke kit supply for your club then please do get in touch and we’ll be delighted to speak about it further!
As always we have some great opportunities for businesses to sponsor our Clubs and athletes at prices to suit all budgets.
Stay safe and good luck for those getting back to action!

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