2811 Sport Media Update

We are in uncertain times at the moment. 2811 Sport Media is still operational and we are working from home at this time.
Understandably businesses are being careful with cash flow and as a result the demand for sport sponsorship has significantly decreased. There are still many reasons to continue with your sponsorships and to look at new ones as there are some fantastic deals around to be had.
 At 2811 Sport Media we work on both sides of the fence. We have some fantastic offers and deals to associate your brand with Athletes or Clubs, indeed anyone getting involved at this time would get significant exposure from any clubs they choose to partner with as any sponsorships, particularly at a lower and non-league level will really help Clubs in this difficult time. We have some superb packages with a number of clubs and athletes at this time.
Similarly, if you are a business who perhaps hasn’t been too badly affected and has some marketing or sponsorship budget to spend, please let us know. We offer a free of charge service to businesses, we are fully impartial and will work with you to decide the best sport to invest in to achieve your aims. We can also work with CSR budgets to support community clubs and organisations. We will get you the right sport, with the right inventory at the right price.
Please don’t hesitate to email david@2811sportmedia.co.uk or call 07837 274 269 to find out how we can work with you during these unusual times.